Experience Ireland

Irish Cultural Studies

  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Tuition: 15 hours per week
  • Accommodation: Host Family
American and Canadian students in Ireland during their summer courses

The most important distinguishing characteristics of a culture are usually contained within its language. Irish plays a paramount role in the Irish national cultural identity and is a priceless repository of all that is truly Irish.

This course is ideal for students from abroad who have family connections with Ireland or who are interested in Irish history. Students in Experience Ireland Irish Heritage classes learn all aspects in Irish history. Students in Experience Ireland Irish Heritage classes learn all aspects of Irish history while at the same time experiencing Irish hospitality by residing in a host family. Students will also learn about the economy of Ireland and about the influence of Ireland on other countries. Special attention will be given to Irish emigration to America and the results of this. Students will visit the town of Cobh in cork where many Irish emigrants left to go to the US. Students will discover the treasured secrets of the Irish landscape, trace the history of family names, and learn about some of the most famous Irish people.

As Ireland is commonly known as the “Land of Saints and Scholars”, samples of poems and literature from current and past writers will also feature as part of the course. In addition, students will discover how the English spoken in Ireland has been influenced by the Gaelic language.

Learn Irish genealogy with our summer programme

At Experience Ireland we make the learning experience fun and informative and the fact that students on this programme are part of an international group adds an exciting dimension to the experience – students come to meet the Irish but end up meeting the rest of the world. An exciting range of activities scheduled to take place in the afternoons and evenings allows the students to make friends for life.

Many of the classroom tasks will involve meeting and chatting to Irish people and the course will also include speeches given by Irish people and field trips to historical venues which feature in classroom content.

The programme is ideal for students who have an interest in history, who are sporty by nature and who enjoy meeting and interacting with new people from other countries and cultural backgrounds.

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